Stop waiting on customer payment terms

Receive immediate and guaranteed payment on your customer invoices.
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Value of Billed Projects
Average number of payment days saved per client (annually)

Committing to Our Customers’ Success

Rhodes Financial enables business owners to receive early payment on their invoices. This helps reduce the risk of late payment disruptions to your delivery schedule and optimizes your company’s cash-flow.

You can now use your newly increased cash-flow to invest in business development, hire additional employees, and purchase materials at discounted rates.

Rhodes Financial is proud to help small and medium sized business owners take control of their cash-flow and run more seamless, liquid, and resilient operations.

Improve financial forecasting with reliable payments
Optimize cash-flow with up to 90% of the total invoice amount up front
Reduce risk of late payments and pursue larger contracts
Strengthen customer relationships and avoid conflicts over unpaid invoices

How it Works



Submit unpaid invoices to Rhodes Financial. You decide which invoices to submit, without any long-term contracts or monthly minimums.


We’ll reach out to your customers for invoice verification, and then immediately transfer up to 90% of the invoice amount to your account.


Once we collect from your customers, we’ll send you the remaining balance (minus a fee).

What Our
Customers Say

Thanks to Rhodes Financial, we’ve been able to double our cash-flow, close larger deals, and fast track our revenue growth.

Michael R.
CEO, Medical Staffing Agency

With Rhodes Financial, we no longer have to rely on high interest loans for operating capital. This saves us tens of thousands in fees each year.

Anthony B.
CEO, Sunshine Lighting

Partnering with Rhodes Financial has given us the flexibility we needed to keep our projects on track and under budget.

Kristin T.
Co-Founder, Construction Company

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